Shoot it !
Version 1.02

- Overview -

        Shoot it ! is a little shooting game under Windows 95/98/NT. The goal is really simple: all you have to do is to shoot the pictures which appear on the screen. It's not a reflexion game and I'm sure your brain won't explode, but your mouse maybe...

        This game has originally been designed to be funny and to allow you to build your own theme: this means you can shoot anything you want: you just need some pictures, then you launch the easy-to-use Theme Designer software, and about 30 seconds later, it is done ! And please send us your themes, so we can put them on this site !

- Features -

Here are some of the Shoot it ! features:
  • Three different difficulty levels, plus a totally customizable one
  • A Pie Bill Gates theme !
  • A South Park theme (oh my god they killed Kenny, you bastards !)
  • A Windblows theme !
  • Plus the default theme
  • An easy-to-use Theme Designer software

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